Harry Potter inktobers!

"You die at seventeen in your first love’s arms, and find it cruel that in this world, Shakespeare takes Juliet first.”

Sometimes I look at people and make myself try and feel them as more than just a random person walking by. I imagine how deeply they’ve fallen in love, or how much heartbreak they’ve all been through.

Her (2013)

"Personally, I am a hedonistic reader; I have never read a book merely because it was ancient. I read books for the aesthetic emotions they offer me, and I ignore the commentaries and criticism."

— Jorge Luis Borges, Seven Nights  (via thegirlandherbooks)


Also, regarding Blue Lily, Lily Blue spoilers:

The book came out in the U.S. today (the audiobook on the 1st).

It comes out in Canada on the 1st, because the Canadians did something they need to be punished for, apparently.

It comes out in Australia on January 1st, because apparently the Australians require a heinous release date to balance out all of their natural beauty and good spirit.

The main tag is full of spoilers, and I don’t think there’s any real way to avoid that — people are coming from outside the fandom and posting, and it’s senseless to shout STOP STOP OH because the newcomers are only going to look at you like a wounded bambi. If you really want to avoid spoilers, avoid the tags.

Oh, but Maggie, you sigh, what then is there for us? WHAT THEN?

ME, my loves. Me. I shall not post any Blue Lily, Lily Blue spoilers here on my Tumblr until after the Australians get it, and even then it will be very selective for the first 8 months. If I answer spoilery interview questions elsewhere and link here, I’ll always be very clear about where I’m pointing you.

Deal? Deal.

Another reason why Maggie is one of my faves.

BUT JANUARY 1ST. Thank god for being able to buy books online. But I can’t buy it (because poor) or read it (because exams) for a few weeks anyway so I guess i’ll be playing the spoiler avoiding game until then…